Eve Part 3: But Wait, There’s More!

Grab some of that hot liquid heaven (coffee for me) and get comfy because we’re coming to the good stuff!

Yes, Eve took the fruit. Yes, she ate it. Yes, she gave it to her husband. And as you’d expect, husband and wife played the blame game before God. But God held EACH of them responsible because spiritual responsibility is personal. Ever use that excuse, “he/she made me do it” or “everyone else was doing it” while you were growing up? How’d that work out for you? About as well as it did for me, I’m guessing. Wrong is wrong and I have the free will to choose not to partake in whatever the wrong activity may be. And there were consequences for Adam and consequences for Eve. And you probably know them. Adam gets hard labor, we get hard…childbirth. (Gen 3:16-17)

But “The End” isn’t found in the next verse. Instead, God shows them He still loves them and makes them clothes before having to send them out of Eden. Can you imagine the conversation as they left the Garden? Do you think the blame game kept going for a while? Or maybe they were both so heartbroken at their separateness from God that they were silent and mourning. Maybe both.

When Eve had her first kiddo, she remembered her God, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” (Gen 4:1) And thank goodness for the help of the Lord in this particular area.

Next we come to the tragedy of Cain and Abel, and I’m sure sorrow and agony filled Eve’s heart. God does not promise an easy life, instead He promises “He will never leave you nor forsake you…do not be discouraged.” (Deut 31:8)

And here we do come to the end of Eve’s story. Eve has another son, Seth (Gen 4:25.) Now, check out Jesus’ genealogy in Luke 3:24-38 and fast forward to verse 38 “the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.” Wait what? If Adam’s wife (Eve) gave birth to Seth, then she too is part of…the genealogy of Christ! See the love God has for Eve! Even with her bad choice of, you know…eating the fruit and being partly responsible for the fall of man and  sin entering the world…GOD STILL LOVED HER! He still showed her grace. Her son Seth had a son Enosh, who had a son…..who had a son Joseph, who, sort of or “so it was thought” (Lk 3: 23), had a son, Jesus. Eve kept going and kept remembering her God, and God remembered Eve. That is the real ending of Eve. I love happy endings. And coffee. I love coffee too.

(Genesis 1-4)

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