Eve Part 4: The Choice is Yours

So aside from pain in childbirth, what does Eve leave us? The power to choose. We get to decide what to do with each moment of the day. Incredible opportunities await us.

What do I choose to do with my day?

What are my priorities?

Which thoughts, actions, and desires do I choose to think, do, and harbor?

Don’t wait until things get a little bit better in your life, until the grass gets a little greener to make the right choices or to stop complaining or whining. Eve’s grass was as green as it could possible be and yet she still chose to listen to the enemy’s whispering and eat the fruit.

When I first thought about studying women of the Bible, I wondered how I’d manage it. I found myself spending hours whining and complaining about how I couldn’t find time. I’d fret about how there other things I wanted to do too, like my hobbies of painting or reading. But, then I read about Eve  and I realized that I was choosing to not do anything. I started each day choosing the attitude “I can’t do it, I don’t have time.” And guess what, I couldn’t do it–I’d forgotten about my Helper. So I started waking up choosing to say, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” (Phil 4:13) and guess what, the strangest thing happened. I got through my what I needed to do, spent quality time with my boys, AND had time to study God’s Word. When I made the CHOICE to say, “Yes” to God, HE strengthened me and helped me get through everything plus the reading of His Word which fuels my soul. I couldn’t do it on my own, but I CAN do it WITH God’s help. And trust me, it’s a choice I have to make everyday. Some days I feel strengthened to do anything and other days, I feel defeated. But God is faithful.

So, what are you going to choose?

As a woman, a mother and a wife, we can choose to make a little “paradise” within our own homes and lives in the way we act and speak.

Do we, as women, choose to trust God when the going gets rough, and pursue His path for our life even when nothing makes sense?

Do we, as wives, choose to study and meet our husband’s needs and show encouragement and appreciation for all that he does for our family?

Do we, as mothers, choose to speak life and show love to our children so that they see Jesus in us and grow to love Him and desire a personal relationship with Him?

Do we, as followers of Christ, choose to pursue our potential and talents for the glory of Jesus Christ?

And when we fail, which we will, do we choose to dust ourselves off, ask forgiveness, and allow God to pick us up so we can hold fast to Him as we go on?

Eve failed big time, but what is remarkable is that God loved her nonetheless and showed her grace and mercy, allowing her son, Seth, to be included in Jesus’ lineage. And if God can redeem Eve like that, what amazing plans does he have for me? For you? And that’s enough to bring a smile to my face and thankfulness to my heart. Choose to be a blessing and a Godly influence to those around you. Choose to say “Yes” to whatever it is God is calling you to do. Choose to get up and start over with God’s help. And please, choose to drink some deliciously strong coffee! Join me next time for another cup of grace!

(Genesis 1-4)

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