Meet the Fam

photos credit: Brianna Gamble Photography

photos credit: Brianna Gamble Photography

Welcome to the inaugural GET REAL Friday! It’s time to Get Real with fun family stories revealing the hilarious adventures, frustrating phases, and the wonderful yet sometimes dirty business of mommyhood, which in my case, includes 3 awesome boys! Just thinking about their energy makes me tired…can someone get me another cup of coffee…please? And don’t skimp on the cream…I’ll be your best friend forever!

For this week’s Get Real, I figured introductions were in order, so without further ado, meet my guys!


Meet my hunky hubby, Adam! The thing I love most…other than his loving Jesus…and his love of the NY Yankees…and that he’s an amazing father…is that he’s always laughing and making me laugh. ALWAYS. It’s awesome. Not to mention he can carry two sleeping boys uphill on the home stretch of a hike–amazing! And here’s a fun fact for you: he didn’t like coffee when we first met. (Say what?!) After I showed him the wonders of this glorious caffeinated drink (in copious amounts,) the rest is history, he’s hooked! You’re welcome, honey! And have I mention he’s quite a hunk and can carry two sleeping boys uphill…both ways…barefoot…in the snow?


My oldest son is Diego, an amazing little man with a super huge heart! He loves to read, knows more about dinosaurs than anyone else I know, and could spend every moment outside riding bikes, running around, or roaring like a dinosaur. He loves to joke and kid around but takes his role of big brother seriously. And his animal and dinosaur imitations are uncanny! The way he studies each creature in order to capture their essence is amazing and I hope he continues to love learning as he grows.


My next son, Isaac, is quite a character! This kid is hilarious, always laughing, and making me laugh (sound familiar? Yes, he is his father’s double!) He’s very particular and detail oriented when playing with toys.   When he’s not looking at comics or acting like one of the Avengers or Ninja Turtles, he enjoys painting and buildling. At times, Isaac can be quite a mystery to me but his impromptu declarations of his love for me melt my heart.


My little guy is really coming into his own! Justus has never been “little,” not really, and he works hard to be one of the big boys. Whatever the big boys are doing, he’s right there doing it too–chasing, wrestling, climbing. He is a joy and a delight, determined, and so curious.  When he’s not hanging with the big boys, check the book corner, he’s probably sitting in the middle of mountains of books reading and studying! He is super fast and sneaky and keeps me on my toes!

There they are, all 4 of my loves. It’s not always pretty, but I am so very thankful for the family God has given me and I treasure this journey of mommyhood…as well as a good cup of coffee.

One thought on “Meet the Fam

  1. You have a gorgeous family if I may say so myself….can’t imagine raising 3 boys by myself …handling my only one son Adam, your hunky hubby :).. ..was a handful enough for me!! I am soooo proud of all your boys…and of you for the great job you have done with them all.
    Luv ya!!
    Abuela 🙂

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