Rahab Part 5: An Afterward


I found these quotes and had to share them with you. Once again I’m just amazed by Rahab and God’s work in her life!

“Whenever a woman’s name is included in a genealogical listing in Jewish history, you can be sure she has made a significant contribution to her generation. To be a part of the genealogical listing of Jesus, the Son of God, was indeed a high honor. only four women are included in this list, each having played a unique role in preparing the world for God’s Son.” –Chosen Women of the Bible. p33

I love that quote because once again, no matter your past, God loves you and can work through you.  You can make “a significant contribution” to your generation! You have “a unique role in preparing the world for God’s Son.”

I mean, seriously, how cool and amazing is that?

Now, ready to be encouraged some more and…possibly even challenged?

“Rahab became the mother of Boaz…But it is important to note here that though Boaz lived at a time when moral standards had dropped very low in Israel, yet he was an unusual example of high, moral principles.” –Chosen Women of the Bible, p33

Yup, it is possible to raise Godly children in the midst of a world with low moral standards. It is absolutely our job to instill “high, moral principles” in our sons and daughters so they can grow up to courageously be men and women of “standing,” like Boaz was described in Ruth 2:1.

Whether or not you’re a mom, live your life as an “unusual example of high, moral principles?”

There was a definite change in Rahab after she put her faith in God. And this change is reflected in how she lived and raised her son, Boaz. Rahab courageously lived all in for God. Boaz saw her example and he too, courageously stood firm when others waivered and fell. I want my boys standing courageously in their faith especially when standards have dropped. Guess that means I should make sure they see a difference in how I live my life! “Jesus, please give me the courage and strength to live a bold life for you, so that my children may see you in me and live their lives as “unusual examples of high, moral principles.’ Amen.”

(Joshua 2,6)

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