“You Killed My Heart!”


I love it when my boys say funny things…hilarious things…things that make me laugh out loud. One day this week, my oldest not only did just that, and in doing so reminded me how I need to take care of his heart.

My friend brought him home from preschool (we share carpooling duties.)  Diego prides himself on being a big boy and walking to our door all by himself to knock, while my friend watches from her van when he’s dropped off. But on this day, his friend, his friend’s younger sister, and their father walked him to the door. And his friend knocked on our door first, which sent my emotional and overly dramatic son into a tizzy, exclaiming:


Things just went downhill from there. That was the starting point but then he moved on, crying over something about preschool teddy bear, then to lamenting how his youngest brother “has grown tired” (yes, exact words) of him because he’s playing without him etc.

Ok, seriously? NONE OF THIS IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO CRY OVER! That was my first thought, and so I suggested gently he go to his room and take a break so he could calm down. And as I started walking him to his room, I realized, when I’m having a rough day, wigging out irrationally over completely unimportant things, my husband doesn’t sent me to my room to take a break and calm down (though honestly, that would be great!)  Instead he listens, he loves me, and he waits patiently for me to get a hold of myself.  So I gathered Diego into my arms, carried him to a chair and sat with him, “petting” his head. And it all spilled out, every last detail about his day and every last tear.


He said it himself, “It was a rough day.” And each moment he mentioned had hurt his little heart and caused him pain. And those feelings are completely valid, I reminded myself. I hugged him, listened, and let him vent and before I knew it, he was laughing again, ready to continue the day.

I’m glad I stopped, took the time to hold him close, to listen to him one on one so he could pour out his heart and troubles. Is it acceptable to completely lose one’s mind over a knock on the door? No, of course not. But, as he learns about how to deal with hurts and disappointments, I hope he runs to me for love and hugs, knowing I’ll listen and encourage him, and not simply brush it off as “silly and irrational.”  After all, there have been (and still are) plenty of times when I’ve…ahem…overreacted irrationally, and my Heavenly Father has loved me, listened to me, and given me strength.

So thank you, Diego, for the hilarious quote and for the reminder to take time, listen, and hug. And thank you, Father, for always being there to listen and love me.


Anyone else’s kiddo have a hilarious quote this week?

One thought on ““You Killed My Heart!”

  1. I love those dramatic moments (especially when they happen to other people :))! And I can’t help but laugh when I see them. It is for our entertainment, right?! Your reactions are priceless, too, Lydia. You are wise beyond your years and you can always seem to find the humor in the situation. Thanks for sharing those precious boys and your clever musings…..love having you in the ‘hood!

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