Lois & Eunice Part 1: A Sincere Living Faith

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Hey guys! The first thing I’m wondering this morning is why there doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the pot and why doesn’t taste as strong as usual. Ugh.

The second thing is this: Have you ever thought about spiritual legacy? Is it even possible to leave a spiritual legacy to your children and future generations?

Hmm. I wonder.

Lois & Eunice — ever heard of these gals? They were Timothy’s grandmother and mother. Grandma Lois & Mama Eunice. There’s not a lot written about them, but the few verses spent on these fine women are important and speak volumes.

Here’s what we know about these two women:

– They were from Lystra (which is now modern Turkey

– Lois and Eunice were Jewish believers

– Eunice’s husband (Timothy’s dad) was Greek

It’s a start.

Paul describes these ladies as women of sincere living faith, which he also sees in Timothy. “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice” (2 Tim 2:5.) Sincere faith. The word sincere means heartfelt, wholehearted, deep, genuine, honest, true. The faith that lived in Lois and Eunice couldn’t be faked, could withstand trials, and resided deep down in their souls. Ah, now that’s something! Really something! There’s not always a lot of sincerity found today. And here it’s used to describe their faith! Wow!

When I look at my own life, do I act sincerely? Am I sincere when I’m asking someone how they are doing? Am I sincere in listening to their response? That’s just a greeting — what about my faith? Can my faith be described as sincere by others? Uh…I hope so. I hope that my boys see my love for Jesus in me. Without going any further, Lois and Eunice are challenging me to bump up my faith to a new level — sincerity.

And don’t forget, not only are they sincere, but Paul can see their sincerity of faith now living in Timothy. This kind of faith is living. It’s growing. And it has an effect on those around us. Their spiritual influence over their boy was great. Think about that! What kind of influence am I having on my own boys?  Or, for that matter, anyone I spend time with? Like it or not, we influence everyone around us in some way or another.

How would someone describe your faith? Would they be able to see a reflection of your own faith in your children, as Paul did with Timothy? I don’t know about you, but isn’t this bit of Scripture amazing not to mention incredibly challenging? With what little we’ve discovered about Lois and Eunice so far, they are proving to be mighty examples of the kind of spiritual influence to which I aspire. A sincere and living faith. And we’ve only just begun…

(2 Timothy 1:2-5, Acts 16: 1-3, 2 Timothy 3:14-17)

One thought on “Lois & Eunice Part 1: A Sincere Living Faith

  1. I am a friend of Becky B. I saw this when she posted it. Now I have shared it with my fb friends. This could be used for a devotional . Louis and Eunice have always fascinated me especially raising 5 children. Both inspirational and instructive. Keep up the writing and have an extra cup of coffee for me . Blessings Jill Brown

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