Houdini’s Trip to the ER

Let’s Get Real. Let’s talk trips to the ER.

I’d been blessed with an ER free parenthood. Not. Any. More.


Justus was born with webbed fingers and last week my 16 month old had surgery to “release the webbing” on the 2 fingers.  It was a physically and emotionally exhausting experience.  I’m still getting over it.


My boy went in with with webbed fingers and came out with a cast bigger than him! Not a plaster cast, but a securely bound bandage wrap covering his hand and entire arm up to his shoulder. Such a huge cast is necessary so that it stays on–you certainly wouldn’t want it falling off during the healing process! The plan was he’d wear this monstrosity for about 2 weeks before another trip to the OR to get it off, since he’d need to be sedated in order for the doctor to get a good look and clean it up.

We made it 6 days.


And then, right before bedtime, in Houdini fashion, he freed himself and escaped the beast of a cast! My husband exclaimed, “The cast is off!” and as I turned around confused, I saw my Houdini rip the bandage off his fingers and throw it to the ground, next to the discarded cast, completely exposing his freshly stitched skin.

My heart stopped.  I grabbed him before he started doing any more damage, called the dr and we came up with a plan of action, which of course ended with a date at the ER.

I feared that sedation and/or a trip to the OR was inevitable.  It could be a rough night.

When the nurse started taking his vitals, something extraordinary happened. When he asked Justus for a finger to hook up the heart rate sticker thingy, my 16 month old actually reached up with his arm, hand, and even a specific finger. Since when does a 16 month old cooperate so perfectly like that…while remaining completely calm? I realized then that the Lord had heard all the praying I had done on the way to the hospital. A glimmer of hope crept into my heart.

When the doctor arrived, Justus continued cooperating and the only time he thought about crying, she reassured him everything was fine and…he…stopped. Throughout her examination, he moved his hand and fingers whichever way she asked, he posed for her to take photos of his hand, and he remained calm and still. She said the fingers were healing perfectly and was pleased with how it looked after only 6 days. He never once shed a tear as she redressed the bandage or as we rigged a sock sling to prevent another Houdini-like escape.


There was no sedation and there’s no need for next week’s OR appointment. We were in and out of the ER in an hour or less. It was by no means a fun evening, but I am so thankful Jesus is healing him and that he was so clearly with us throughout the ordeal answering our prayers!

Ah, ER trips…another adventure in the life of a mom.

Ever done an ER trip with your kiddo?

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