Lois & Eunice Part 4: A Good Foundation

young dad

Welcome! Grab your cup and let’s drink in some grace!

Grandma Lois and Mama Eunice loved their boy, Timothy, and invested the time and energy to make sure he knew the Scriptures and to share their faith with him so that when God brought a missionary to preach the good news of Jesus Christ, their hearts were prepared to hear it and accept Jesus as Savior.

All of the knowledge of the Old Scriptures (the Old Testament) was an important background and foundation in Grandma, Mama, and young Timothy’s faith. It backed up what Paul preached about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. This family believed not only in God, but accepted His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior. And their faith was strong enough to stand firm in the midst of a community and city worshiping pagan gods. Every time I hear something like that, I’m encouraged. It is possible for a family, in the midst of today’s chaos, to stand firm for Christ.

Paul takes Timothy under his wing and disciples him and Timothy embraces all that he hears about Jesus. And though it doesn’t specifically say so in the Bible, I bet these women encouraged Timothy to never be content, but desire to know more of Jesus. Do I constantly yearn to know more about Christ? Do I arrive at church with a ready heart, open to hear God’s Word for me that day? Do I seek out friendships who will challenge me to go deeper in my faith?

Paul mentions, by name and role (grandmother and mother), these two women who had faith and trained Timothy well.  I think it’s safe to say that in order for Paul to be commending them like he does for their role in Timothy’s life, they had to have played significantly in his spiritual upbringing and training. Let’s check out where this good foundation led Timothy.

Paul sees a young man that impresses him enough to take with him on his missionary journeys. He disciples Timothy and loves him as a son (1 Cor 4:17.) Timothy becomes a most trusted friend and partner in the ministry and at a rather young age (1 Tim 4:12). Timothy became a servant of Jesus Christ, went with Paul, worked as a missionary, and preached Jesus to many. His spiritual maturity is a testament to the spiritual upbringing he first received from his grandmother and mother. It was so solid and complimented the training he gained from Paul, that Timothy was able to face the challenges and pressures of life with a spiritual maturity at a rather young enough age.

Doesn’t every Christian mom want their children to be an example of “conduct, faith, and purity” (1 Tim 4:12)? That they may have the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ in their hearts and know him so well, they can stand securely rooted in their faith to face the challenges and pressures of life?  I sure do.

Jesus is most important thing I can give my children. He’s the inheritance I want them to have. Grandma Eunice and Mama Lois felt the same, they knew the importance of passing on their faith in God, and they made sure that Timothy’s upbringing was spiritually rooted in the knowledge and love of God. And Timothy became a strong and confident man of God who loved and served the Lord Jesus with his whole being.

What an encouragement! Makes me a celebratory cup of coffee!

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