Lois & Eunice Part 6: Leave the Greatest Legacy

Mother Stevens (Ava) panscan2010 002elnora little dad

Dear friend, be encouraged by Lois and Eunice’s faith and commitment to their boy, Timothy. No matter if you come from a spiritual legacy or if you are determined to begin now, God is as faithful now as He was then. Lois and Eunice were strong examples of sincere faith even when their community was focusing on pagan worship and everything else. We, too, can be strong examples to our children. Lois and Eunice lived with everyday pressures just like we do. Do we demonstrate a life which displays a sincere faith in every part of our lives like Lois and Eunice lived out before Timothy? Jesus isn’t just for Sundays or when we get into trouble or get hurt, though He’s there in all of those times. Jesus is for every moment of every day.

How do you leave such a legacy? The key is to have Jesus living in your heart first, to serve the Lord, and dedicate your time and energy into showing your children that Jesus is in every part of your life. Live your life according to God’s Word, and not according to the world’s standards. Pray for your children, pray with your children. Let them see you read the Bible and read the Bible with them. Praise the Lord and rejoice in who He is, and invite your children to join you. Attend church on Sundays so that both you and your children will be in the fellowship of other believers. Open your heart and your eyes and ears at church to hear God’s Word and allow it to take root in your heart and life. Be consistent. Let your actions mirror your words and follow through. Be faithful. Your children will notice.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to bring Jesus into our everyday life.  On frustrating and cranky mornings, I’m tempted to yell and send everyone back to bed. Instead, I’ll turn on some music, pump up the volume, and we have a dance party. We dance to songs like Matthew West’s “Child of the One True King” or Citizen Way’s “Nothing Ever Could Separate Us” — songs that emphasize God’s eternal love for us. Almost every single time, praising Jesus through our singing along and our dance will turn our morning from crankiness into laughter and joy.

If you come from a wonderful spiritual legacy, I urge you to continue it. And if you don’t, be like Rahab and become part of one…start one today! The key is Jesus. I often completely miss the mark, but I run back to the Lord for forgiveness (sometimes I ask my boys’ forgiveness as well) and try again. Nothing in this life is easy, but the gift of Jesus is the most worthwhile inheritance you can give your children. Is the outcome guaranteed? Unfortunately no. But remember, “with God all things are possible.” (Mt 19: 26)

Leaving your children a spiritual legacy like Lois and Eunice gave Timothy is still possible today.

Is it a priority?  Is it your priority?

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