Abigail Part 2: Woman of Action!


So glad you’ve joined me! I’m enjoying my morning coffee and I hope you’ve got a cup of your favorite morning drink to savor as we get back to Abigail!

Have you ever been in a sticky situation and it was up to you to diffuse it? That’s where we find Abigail.  Remember the “No Soup For You” episode of Seinfeld , the soup nazi? That’s just what happened. David asked for food and provisions and Nabal responded, “No food for you!” And this response angered David so much that he was preparing to wipe out Nabal’s household!

With a lot riding on her decisions and actions, “Abigail lost no time.” (v 18) She is a woman of decisive action! As soon as she heard the problem, she began to work on a solution.

Right there is a lesson I need to learn. Don’t waste time, don’t bemoan what has happened, just get to work. Ok, so my husband has never done anything so boneheaded as what Nabal did, and I’ve never faced my household’s imminent destruction. But, things happen in life that aren’t all fun and pleasant. Things happen that I wish didn’t happen. And often, my first reaction is to complain, or…as we call it in today’s world…to vent.

Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with venting. I do it. We all do it. However, when we vent constantly, and never actually take action to overcome our situation or lean on Jesus for strength, perhaps we need to remember Abigail, who “lost no time.” Don’t allow venting to be a substitute for taking action. You’ll feel better once you actually start — I am so guilty of this!

David was hungry and asked for something to eat, so she packs up a TON of food…I mean, hundreds of cakes, breads, and fruit things…and sends the food to David. There was no waffling over whether or not she should get involved or if there was someone she could go to for help. She was the help and she acted. There was no quibbling over which cakes and breads she should send, she just sent a lot of them! She made quick decisions and put them into action immediately.

I’m thankful for a wonderful husband who I can partner with in the decision-making. And I’m thankful for our Heavenly Father who guides us in decisions. Though Abigail stands alone in her marriage as the one with wisdom,  God stands with her. Whether or not we are partnered up or not, God stands with us. What a comfort!

I pray that we can be like Abigail, confident in our Lord as we make wise decisions and become women of action! There’s no time to lose, time for more coffee!

(1 Samuel 25)

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