Abigail Part 6: Not Your Normal Happy Ending


Aha! I bet you thought that was it for Abigail! But there’s a little more!

Clearly David saw what a catch she was — brains, beauty, decisive action…the whole package! He proposes, she accepts, and they ride off into the sunset…with his other wives…while still being chased by Saul. So in other words, not your normal riding off into the sunset happy ending. I bet her experiences and wisdom from her last marriage come in handy in joining this new family. Just sayin’.

And life doesn’t become all roses for Abigail. She and another wife are captured by the Amalekites. But David comes to their rescue and then she goes to Hebron with him and has a son, Kileab.

Abigail lived quite a life. As hectic and crazy as I think mine is, I’d rather not trade it for hers. Yet what I would like to take away are all of the amazing character traits she possesses! She was a decisive quick thinker, courageous peacemaker, humble, wise, respected, eloquent, to name just a few. Trust me, I’ve made a much longer list and am in awe of all the qualities she displayed. And I’m sure she wasn’t perfect, no one is except our Lord Jesus Christ. But I’m truly impressed by her faith in God, in a difficult marriage and in the face of crisis. There’s not an area in her life where her faith in her God doesn’t fuel her actions. I believe she is such an amazing woman because of in whom she placed her trust.

There is no way I can be all of those things…on my own. But I believe the Lord is doing a good work in me.

Lord, teach me to put my faith in You in every detail of my life. Show me the areas I need to give to You so that You can shine through me and make me wise in You. Thank you for having a plan for my life, and may I be like Abigail and seek to glorify You in all I say and do, especially when disaster seems imminent. Thank you for loving me despite my flaws, and for never giving up on me. Amen.

(1 Samuel 25)

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