Top 5 Favorite Things

We all have our favorite things to do with our kids.  Here are 5 of mine.

Top 5 FAVORITE things:

1. Reading. I love reading with my boys. I love the closeness and snuggling. I love seeing them become invested in the story.  I love laughing and looking at the pictures and discussing the plot.  It’s neat listening to their responses or questions to the book, listening to their curiosity. An all around great time!


2. Napping. I love to sleep. I love to nap. My boys, however, not so much. And even though the 2 older boys don’t nap, there are days we just need a nap. Or at least, I need a nap. With a boy on each side, snuggled as close to me as possible, it’s not always the best sleep, but it’s a wonderful, absolutely perfect time with the boys. During our last nap, Diego made sure to tell me to hold him tight as he nestled next to me. Pure perfection.

3. Dance Party. Dancing with my boys is a fairly recent event.  We’ve got our favorite dance songs and we play the music loudly and get our boogie on!  And while I don’t normally dance, I love dancing with my boys. It’s a combination of crazy jumping around and me spinning them in circles. Lots of laughing and it’s pretty good exercise!


4. Morning snuggles. Most mornings, I get up before the boys so I’m able to wake up on my terms, have my devotions, drink some *hot* coffee, and get ready for the day. Towards the end of my quiet time, one or both of the big boys stumbles into my room rubbing their eyes. They climb into my bed, under the blankets, and just snuggle quietly. It’s such a special time where we don’t need to talk, but we just appreciate each others company. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

5. Push Me Over/Tickle-Fest. My boys created a game called “Push Me Over.” It’s a fairly simple premise. I sit in the middle of the floor and they run full blast at me, and I…push them over. (Now, I’d like to just point out that my “push” is generally just me holding my hand up, them running into it and then elaborately falling over.) They could do this forever. And they find it hilarious. And it really is funny. They do most of the work while I sit there and laugh! This game usually morphs into Tickle Fest, and they run around me trying to dodge my tickle fingers. And when I get them, the giggles and the crazy laughter that ensues is music to my ears. Anything to make them laugh and giggle is THE BEST!


6. Outside. Ok, I know I said Top Five Favorite things, but I’m going to throw in this last one just for kicks.  We go outside everyday. We play tag, pretend we’re dinosaurs, or Nascar/Motocross racers on bikes, and go for walking/running/biking adventures through the neighborhood while being Ninjas trying to save the City! Outside is where they can get loud and crazy and be wild. And I love that!

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