Dorcas Part 1: All In


Here she comes, with sparkling bright eyes, opening her arms for a hug, giving you a warm smile that just makes you want to stay close to her. Her hugs aren’t usual quick niceties, she pulls you close and makes sure you’re the one to let go first. And when you do pull back, she winks playfully at you, squeezes your hand encouragingly, and inquires as to what you’ve been up to, looking you right in the eyes. She listens earnestly because she truly cares about all that has happened since the last time she saw you.

She comforts you with words of encouragement and life, incorporating Scripture that truly meets you where you are. She prays with you and promises to continue praying for you, and unlike so many others, you believe she will actually keep that promise. Her faith is the real deal and her compassion for those in need isn’t just charity, it seems to be her purpose and calling. Beloved Dorcas.

That’s how I imagine Dorcas.  After reading her story in the Bible, I can’t help but see her as a lovely, warm, and delightful woman I’d run to hug every time I see her. Dorcas was beloved.

Dorcas was from Joppa, a Mediterranean seaport. She is the only woman in the Bible referred to as a disciple. Wait a minute..stop right there…come again? “In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas.)” (Acts 9:36) Yes, Dorcas was a disciple. She wasn’t necessarily the only woman who was a disciple, just the only one to be recognized as a disciple in the Bible. She believed in Christ and she helped spread the Good News…a disciple. And what’s so important about that?

Dorcas was all in for Jesus.

She believed in Jesus Christ, his life, death, and resurrection. She believed He is the Son of God. She believed in his teachings. She dedicated her life completely to Jesus, a response of the heart. But that’s not all, she then followed up her inward response with action; “she was always doing good and helping the poor.” (Acts 9:36)  Her purpose was to serve Jesus and share His love with others. Back then, charity outside the family was not very common, except through the church. But Dorcas was always helping the poor. Always.

Always looking to serve others and do good. Backing up her devotion to Christ with her actions. Loving because Christ first loved her.

Are we all in for Christ the way Dorcas was all in?

To choose to be all in for Christ each and everyday. Today, I choose to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind. Today I choose to love my boys as Christ loved us, even as I wonder from which planet they hail because these little aliens act strangely! It’s not always easy to love as Christ loved, but I do want to live like Dorcas, all in for Jesus. Do you?

Acts 9:36-42

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