The Sleepless Life

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My children have never been good at sleeping.  And I think they’re getting worse.

Upon first arrival, the sweet blessings don’t sleep because they’re eating and pooping every other minute. The wee babes start sleeping longer and you think, oh man, i just might get a few consecutive hours of sleep, and what a difference it makes! But when they start teething all bets are off, they’re up all the time and they’re in pain. And even though you don’t see any teeth, they’re coming, which means there will be many more sleepless nights until every tooth (and that’s a grand total of 20 agonizing teeth) finally arrives.

In between sleepless teething cycles, baby brain kicks in.  From rolling over to crawling, to taking a step and talking, all the way to riding a bicycle on two wheels, yes, baby brain keeps your sweet child up at night. And you recognize this because after a few particularly sleepless nights, suddenly they do something amazing like reaching for a napkin to wipe it up the mess they’ve made with their food. Yes, 4 sleepless nights to figure out that you use a napkin to clean your mess.

And just when you think your sweet baby will never sleep, he does!  All night!  Every night!  And the sleep is glorious! And you get used to it, which is a horrible terrible MISTAKE of epic proportions.  Enjoying your sleep once again makes it harder to adjust when the night time party begins again.

Night terrors, night time potty training, regular nightmares, random visits to say hi and chat…or argue (yes, argue), the classic creepy stare inches away from your face, or the poke asking “are you awake?” are all coming. But my favorite is the panicky call for help because they’ve dropped their stuffed animal on the floor or even better, lost their small toy in the blankets and just can’t sleep ’til it’s found. The more children you have, the more new and exciting reasons for not sleeping. Do NOT get used to sleeping.

Three little angels conspiring against me following some evil master plan meant to keep me from sleeping, constantly reminding me that when I became a mom, I chose to live…the sleepless life.

I wouldn’t change my sleepless life for anything, but I think I’m going to pour myself another cup of strong coffee and try not to fall asleep while drinking it.

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