Dorcas Part 6: “You Have a Part To Do”

My dear friends, Dorcas was considered a disciple of Christ not because she was wealthy or super talented or in the public eye. She was a disciple of Christ because she loved others as Christ loved. And as a demonstration of that love, Dorcas used what God gave her and gave it to those in need. I love the following poem.

“Others may do a greater work,
But you have your part to do;
And no one in all God’s family
Can do it as well as you.”
(L.B. Cowman’s Streams in the Desert )


We are part of God’s family and because He lovingly made each of us to be unique, he’s created a special part for each of us to do as well. I have my part, and you have yours. I shouldn’t do what God made you to do, nor am I supposed to. I’m supposed to do what God has created me to do. And like the poem above says, no one can do the part as well as you.

Dorcas loved as Christ loved, but she didn’t stop there. “You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.” (Jas 2: 24)  Out of Dorcas’ love for her Savior came obedience in giving to others with great need.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord” (Col 3:23.)  Dorcas’ love for others led her to action.  Each stitch on every garment was for the Lord.  Menial and repetitive work, yet because she sewed unto the Lord, nothing could have been more valuable.  “Whatever you do”…whether it’s changing diapers, brushing teeth, cooking, vacuuming and taking care of your family or finding a way to serve others outside your family (cutting fabric, cooking meals, donating ‘junk’ etc.,) do it for the Lord.

Let Dorcas be an encouragement to you. Each of us can love, give generously, and do our part. And like the poem says, the part may not be grand, but it’s valuable nonetheless because it was made for you.

Dorcas did her part, will you?

(Acts 9: 36-43)



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