The BEST Toy Ever!


Kids love bubbles. I love bubbles.  Bubbles mean spring is here, sunshine, flip flops, shorts.  Bubbles mean kids running around laughing and expending pent up energy!  But, every mom knows how annoying it is to have to blow bubbles nonstop for hours upon end.  Last year, I bought a bubble grill and I thought my bubble blowing days were over! I thought wrong. Instead of just pouring the solution into the grill and watching them magically float upwards at the push of a button, it was painstaking work! I had to dip the grill tools into the bubble solution then place them gently on the grill which would then blow 2 or 3 bubbles max, before needing to do it again…all to the cries of “do it again!”  And it was messy.  Bye bye, bubble grill.

But this year, I struck gold. The two little ones and I were walking up and down the toy aisles at Target, admiring all the fun things we weren’t going to purchase when we stumbled upon the the summer fun aisle.  There it was. There, sitting on a shelf, with a glowing halo emanating from it and a choir of angels singing a hallelujah chorus, was the bubble machine. This time, I did a close once over. Pour in bubble solution, push on button and…poof! Bubbles!

I decided to go for it. It couldn’t be any worse than the bubble grill fiasco of 2013. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Yes, you read that correctly: I couldn’t wait to try it. I was so excited that this might actually work! Could we finally have the fun of bubbles without the annoyance of nonstop bubble blowing for hours on end? Yes. A resounding YES! It’s fabulous! I’m in love!


The bubbles came out in abundance and in a steady flow.  Everyone loved it.  My boys loved it. The neighborhood kids loved it.  They chased the bubbles to pop them, they ran around to avoid them, they ran into them and jumped through them. They had a blast. And, best of all, us moms loved it!  We felt the dizzying joy of watching the kids running in circles with the flow of the bubbles, rather than the dizziness of blowing a steady stream of soapy solution through a temperamental wand.

While it’s not the perfect toy, (I’ve got a few suggestions for improvement if anyone were to ask me, which I’m sure they won’t,) but let me go ahead and make this proclamation: This bubble blower is the BEST TOY EVER!

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