It’s the Simple Things in Life

My boys and I were able to visit my brother and sister-in-law in southern California for a week.  What comes to mind when you think Southern California? Disneyland, Lego Land, the beach, San Diego Zoo etc., right?  Not for us!  This week we’re focusing on enjoying the little things…and we had a blast!

We went to a bookstore and the library and have been reading, reading, reading.  Reading always feels like a vacation to me!


Reading here, reading there, reading everywhere! Sometimes reading more than one book at once!


Popsicles!  Popsicles are just what’s needed on warm days.  I mean, is there anything better than a tasty, cool popsicle after an afternoon of playing hard outside?  I think not!


Then there was craft time.  The budding artists had fun creating collage masterpieces!


To mix things up, I surprised the boys with cupcakes (from my favorite cupcake place) for lunch one day! Absolute bliss…and I think the boys liked them too.


Come to my garden!  We enjoyed the beautiful weather by helping Auntie plant some flowers in her garden.  Is there a better combo than boys and dirt?


Boys and water! Watering the flowers was even more fun than the planting and dirt, especially when its done one cup of water at a time! So. Much. Fun. And no, the water didn’t just stay in the cups or on the flowers.  So we took a walk to dry off.


Walks and parks, parks and walks!  Scooters are the best travel toy for the boys! So easy and compact, and it’s great exercise!  Maybe I should get one.


Yes, it was a week of enjoying the little things in life. Reading books, planting flowers, playing with water, going for walks, enjoying a cupcake and best of all, spending time with family. For me, it was so nice to chat with some of my favorite people, my brother and sister-in-law.  Elaborate vacations are fun, too, but my boys don’t care. And adventure is an adventure no matter how simple or fancy!  Turns out a week of enjoying the little things can turn into a week of big fun!

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