Jael Part 4: Intentionally Patient


Jael remained cool, calm, and collected before killing the enemy of Israel and of God. Patience, what a virtue!

Oh, to be a woman of patience! Moms need to have a lot of patience. The problem is, no matter how much patience I feel like I’m stocked with at the beginning of the day, by mid-day (or sooner), my stock seems to have vanished! And as my patience dwindles, the pressure of trying to maintain a calm presence and relaxed atmosphere seems to grow…exponentially! Maybe it’s just me, maybe no one else has children who try their patience.

Not long ago Isaac frustrated me from “son up til son down.” I mean, this kid was just an enigma and I didn’t get him at all!  It was during this time that I looked Jael for the first time as an adult. If I could harness Jael’s patience under pressure and adapt it to my life, what would it look like? Inviting Sisera into her tent must have just been tense and intense!  Taking her time to meet his needs, intentional patience while waiting for an opportunity

So, with my Isaac who could create a tense situation out of nothing and everything all at once, the idea of taking my time, focusing on remaining calm as I try to meet Isaac’s confusing tornado of changing emotions seemed to be a good plan.  I determined to stay patient with him until I had an opportunity, a better time to let my frustrations out.  I think that’s the key, be intentional with patience. It’s got to be my choice to remain patient and just keep working at it!  And then, use quiet time/nap time as an opportunity to reward myself for making it through storm Isaac.  Work on a fun project or watch a movie while folding laundry.   My goal was to keep Jael cool until I have a chance to “nail” it with an outlet of some kind!

Things started to seem less overwhelmingly frustrating with Isaac…not because they were, but because God showed me that taking time for some kind of outlet where I could release the tension from the day, whatever it may be would help me be a better mommy. My patience didn’t disappear as quickly and I didn’t feel like I was going to blow quite as often. God reminded me that He lovingly created me and He gave me my love of creativity.  Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I need to abandon it. So now during quiet time/nap time, I try to do something for myself — something creative which gives me the break I need from the dizzying emotional whirlwind of a 3 year old.

I’m so thankful my Lord knows what I need…and I’m thankful that He’s patient with me.

(Judges 4: 15-24)

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