Hannah Part 3: Teach ‘Em Young


Welcome back to Hannah’s story!

We’ve seen her cry and pour out her heart and heart’s desires to the Heavenly Father.  And then, she had found peace. Her heart still ached for the child she did not have, but “she went her way and ate something, and her face was no longer downcast.” (1 Samuel 1: 18)  After we cast our cares upon the Lord, even without a definite answer or direction, we can find peace and assurance in our loving God, knowing that He’s heard our cries and prayers and has everything in his hands. In the midst of a storm, we might not always understand the peace within, but we can rest in it nonetheless.  Isn’t that a blessing?

Remember this when you pray, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (Jas 5:16.) Prayer is powerful. And effective. Powerful. Effective. With the right heart and attitude, prayer brings peace. And prayer is just as effective today as it was for Hannah.


Hannah did indeed have a baby, a son whom she named Samuel. Hannah loved her son, and kept him with her for the first few years of his life. But after she had weaned him, she brought Samuel to the house of the Lord and said, “I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.  So now I give him to the Lord.  For his whole life will be given over to the Lord.  And he worshiped the Lord there.” (1 Sa 27, 28)

She had promised the Lord that Samuel would be dedicated to him for all the years of his life before he was even born, and here she was fulfilling the promise she made. And I love the last part of verse, “And he worshiped the Lord there.” Samuel, only a very young child, had already learned how to worship the Lord. Who had taught him? My guess is Hannah, his mom. His mom had not only prayed for this boy since before he was conceived, but then when he was born, she continued to pray and also taught him to worship even though he was small.


The first few years of child’s life are the perfect chance to teach Jesus’ love.  Faith like a child’s. Little kiddos can learn to pray and listen to God’s word. They can learn Jesus’ heals with each little scrape and fall. They can learn Jesus protects and is a refuge during the dark nights when nightmares threaten to scare them.  They can learn how to love like Jesus and be kind as they play with others.  Moms, it doesn’t have to be a sermon, but simple little lessons everyday can teach our children about Jesus.

By giving her son to the temple, Hannah displayed the trust she had in her God. It’s hard enough letting a babysitter watch your kid for the first time, let alone entrusting your child to be raised in the temple! And when Hannah brought Samuel to the temple, it was not the holy place it should have been. Yet another reason to be a praying mom and to teach your children during those early years.  Those lessons create the foundation on which they may stand firm as they enter the world. I want my kids’ foundation to be Jesus.

(1 Samuel 1)

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