Hannah Part 4: Pour Out Your Heart Like Water


Hannah had a son, Samuel, whom she dedicated to the Lord. He grew up serving God in the temple and became Israel’s last judge, a gifted prophet, the nation’s spiritual leader, and he anointed Israel’s first two kings. Not bad, Sam!  The prayers of a righteous mom are powerful and effective.

Hannah prayed.

Do I pray for my kids beyond, “Lord, may they not drive me crazy today?” (Not that I ever pray that way!) Consider this verse,

“pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your heads to him for the lives of your children” (Lam 2: 19)


I keep seeing that phrase, “Pour out your heart” and am realizing that God wants us…me…to get deeper in prayer with Him for my children. Draw close to Him. Have heart to heart talks pouring out my hopes and concerns for my boys.  Take some time.  My most fervent desire for them is they know Jesus with their whole heart, to seek His will in their lives, to follow His path for their future, to be best friends with our Lord and Savior, and to stand firm and trust Him no matter what.  I need to pray for the lives of my children for their salvation and their future.

Hannah prayed. She poured out her heart to God long before she had Samuel, and she continued to pray for him long after, I’d bet. And Samuel was dedicated to the Lord, all the days of his life.

Hannah had three more sons and two daughters after Samuel. Whew, God sure did bless her! Every year, Hannah would visit Samuel at the temple where he was serving the Lord. I can’t imagine only being able to see my child once a year, but knowing that he was serving God must have made her proud.  Hannah couldn’t be with him as he grew, but she could pray for him. I love how God honored Hannah’s prayers not just by giving her more children, but in how He blessed Samuel’s life and service to Him.


Pour out your heart, like water.  Water just flows, sometimes urgently and violently rushing, sometimes just peacefully trickling along.  But it’s always moving, never static.  And so should our prayers. Keep praying, never stop.

Let’s be more like Hannah, let’s pour out our hearts like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up our heads to him for the lives of our children. (Lam 2:19)  Our children’s lives depend on our prayer.

(1 Samuel 1)


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