Hannah Part 5: Mommy Prayer Warriors


Hannah prayed when she had nothing but heartache. Do we press close to the Lord during our heartache? “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Ps 27: 14)  Pray, pray, pray. Jesus told his disciples a parable to encourage them to “always pray and not give up.” (Lk 18:1) The answers may be slow in coming and completely different than what you were expecting, but through it all, the Lord is with you. Pray.


Regarding our children, let’s follow through like Hannah did. She dedicated Samuel to the Lord, teaching him about God during his earliest years. I’ve dedicated my boys to the Lord in church and I’m working on my follow through. Reading the Bible, praying with them, talking about Jesus, making sure they’re in church, developing a relationship of trust and love, worshiping together, leading by example — things that build on one another to create a home where God’s presence is evident. There are no shortcuts, it’s simple building blocks.

Even after Hannah sent her son off into the world, I bet she never stopped praying for him. Nor should we stop praying after they hit a milestone, or go off on their own into the world.  Our children need us to pray for them even when they grow up.  Why not pray for their grown up years even now when they’re little? That God will use them now as children and as adults.


Friends, no matter your life stage, prayer is meaningful. Prayer is rewarding. Prayer is talking to, crying out to, pouring out our heart to our Father in heaven. Prayer can happen anytime and anyplace and we don’t even have to look good doing it or feel perfect before we start. But prayer should be honest and open and come from your whole heart. Prayer is powerful and effective. We need to pray.

Let’s be mommy prayer warriors.

(1 Samuel 1)

2 thoughts on “Hannah Part 5: Mommy Prayer Warriors

  1. I love the reminder to keep praying after completed milestones. Their walk with Him on earth is a continuous journey and our prayer is the fuel they need to keep going.

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