Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Baseball is a beloved game at my house and we’re passing along our love of baseball to our boys, especially our love of the Yankees.


Diego’s first ballgame was when he was about 8 or 9 months old. It was a hot afternoon and thankfully, he behaved perfectly.  He slept through most of it.


For his next game, he was about a year old.  Though it was a night game and way past his bedtime, he just took it all in, I can’t even remember any fussing.


Isaac’s first game was on Mother’s Day, and the Yankees were playing the home team. It was an absolutely delightful afternoon. My hubby, my boys, and my Yankees — perfection.


Some of us found that game less riveting than others, but watching the Yankees win with my boys is my idea of the ideal Mother’s Day.


Justus’ was only 6 or 7 months old for his first game, and he did not like the roar of the crowd. Plus, it was a blowout by the home team, which meant a lot of crowd roar.  But, we managed and survived. Thankfully, the other two boys were no problem.


 A year later and…Justus did great!  We went to a game this past week, and had a great time.  Justus people watched, bird watched (we were very high up), and flirted with every woman who smiled at him. Then, he started eating anything we’d give him! And when he started to get antsy, he played peekaboo with me, Diego, and the woman in front of us.  He sat on hubby’s lap for a while.  And he learned to clap and cheer with the rest of us. He had a great time! All smiles.


Isaac liked the game too.  He liked the food. He chowed down on his own hot dog, shared much of hubby’s sausage, my sausage, and peanuts.  He loves shelling peanuts. He’s sort of my head in the clouds kid, so the peanuts kept him grounded. Plus the 8 trips to the bathroom also gave him a break.  Whatever works.


But it was Diego who really watched and enjoyed the game.  We talked about what was going on, who was pitching and hitting, Who’s on first (What’s on second, I don’t know’s on third, hehe)  strikes, balls, runs, etc.  It was great! He’s starting tee ball soon and this was a great way to get him excited about baseball. We clapped with the rally claps and cheered the home team’s hits and runs. He was all smiles during the game, and kept up such a good attitude despite admitting that the game was “kind of long.”


I’m sure people think we’re crazy for taking 3 young boys to a baseball game. It’s a long day. They’ve got to sit in their chairs and keep their wild and crazy under control. We’re crammed in there like sardines. But, we do it anyway–we love baseball and they love an adventure!  While we realize it could be a disaster, we prefer to expect the boys behavior will be exemplary and they’ll have fun at the game. And the younger they learn how to behave in their seats, the more often we’ll be able to enjoy not only baseball games together, but other things as well.  It’s not a bad place to practice sitting, after all, they can stand, cheer, clap, hollar and wiggle.  Besides, what’s the alternative, just wait until they’re adults? We’d miss out on a lot of fun with them now.  So, we’ll just keep singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”

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