Priscilla Part 1: An Intro to Awesome


It’s time for another cup of grace and caffeine! Grab your coffee and let’s get going.

Priscilla. What an amazing example God gave us–a godly wife, friend, working woman, and courageous leader in the early church. This woman, I tell ya…ah-mazing.

Priscilla and her husband, Aquila were a husband and wife team–in every sense of the word, team. They were tent makers, they moved often, they worked together in ministry as teachers, mentors, and pastors/hosts of the early church.

The couple probably met in Rome though Aquila was originally from Pontus, a province of Rome.  When Claudius ordered all the Jews out of Rome, they went to Corinth.  While living there, they met Paul and invited him to stay with them.  When he was ready to move on, they traveled with him to the city of Ephesus. Then they moved back to Rome…then back to Ephesus.  Sheesh, they move around as much as us military families!

Wherever they went, they were open to and welcomed opportunities to serve God in everyday life building friendships, through their gift of hospitality they opened their home to host and pastor churches, and shared their faith with many.  Priscilla did it all these things side by side with her hubby,  showing us that it’s quite possible to balance being a godly wife balancing a job and working for the Lord.  In fact, she is an excellent example on how to use the gifts that God gave her in ministry to Him without becoming proud or creating a disturbance in the force…I mean, in a marriage.

And, at a time when women were considered second class citizens and discouraged from learning, Priscilla soaked up knowledge of Jesus and used her gift of hospitality, teaching, and leading to encourage and instruct other believers. I love her, I think she’s just awesome and strong and super cool!

(Acts 18:1-4 & 18-28, Romans 16: 3-5)


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