Priscilla Part 2: The Three Amigos


Got your cup? Ready for some grace?

Our dynamic duo, Priscilla and Aquila met Paul in Corinth. She and her husband were tent makers, as was Paul, so they invited Paul to stay with them and work with them. Think about the conversations they must have had together while they stitched their tents. Conversations of Jesus, his life, death, and resurrection. Maybe they discussed their struggles, dreams, and excitement of working for God’s kingdom. Priscilla and Aquila must have loved being able to listen to Paul’s spiritual wisdom, absorbing like a sponge all the knowledge he shared. They were getting a course in theology right in their living room while they worked on the tents during friendly, casual conversations. They enjoyed each others’ company, just like we do today with friends.

What a reminder of the blessings that can come from conversations between friends and how sharing faith in Jesus can produce great results.  Sometimes it brings a friend to salvation, other times it disciples and encourages a deeper knowledge of Christ. Everyday interactions with others, our daily conversations can be an amazing opportunity to share Jesus to others. It doesn’t have to be limited to Sunday mornings.

Those tent making conversations must have been an amazing blessing to Priscilla and Aquila and their walk with Christ, as well as a blessing to Paul, with whom he could share his calling. These three were friends with a shared purpose – a Christ centered life and ministry.

Good Christian friends are such a blessing.  Our purpose is the same, growing closer on our walk with Jesus, sharing Christ with our children, friends, praying for one creates a rich camaraderie.  We can rejoice with friends and cry with them. Friends lift us up when we’re struggling and encourage us.  And being a blessing to to a friend is a reward on its own.  I think that Priscilla and Aquila’s friendship with Paul is a wonderful reminder that blessing of friendship is a gift from God.

(Acts 18:1-4 & 18-28, Romans 16: 3-5)

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