Easter Eggs because He Is Risen!

It’s Good Friday, which means Easter is almost here, which means it’s time to dye Easter eggs! I loved dying Easter eggs as a kid, and I love it even more as a mom.

IMG_1196 We haven’t dyed eggs yet this year but Isaac has already told me how excited he is to dye our eggs and he’s asked me repeatedly if we can do it “now.”  Hang on a sec, I’ll be right back, I need to go boil some eggs…


Every Easter, my mom gives me an Easter egg.  Even as a kid, I remember looking forward to seeing my new Easter egg.  It’s amazing at how many different Easter eggs there are.


I’ve always loved this egg, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the bubbles in the glass and the bright colored stripes.  Work of art!


And this is another favorite.  It’s so different than the first egg, but the simple black and white triangles create a beautiful design.


But my absolute favorite eggs are the ones my mom has painted.  My mom is a very gifted artist, and I can remember watching her paint, in awe at her creativity and at how steady her hand stayed as she painted those curved surfaces.


I think this is probably my all time favorite egg that my mom has painted. It’s a lake in Maine we’d visit every summer when I was a kid.  I love the detail of the trees surrounding the lake, the loon gliding along the water, and if you turn the egg, there’s also a blue heron standing in the water and a deer peaking out from the trees.  This egg just makes me smile, gives me the warm fuzzies inside, and brings back memories of those beloved family vacations.


My mom would often paint these empty tomb eggs and bring them to church.  Every Easter morning, we would bring eggs to church and exchange them saying, “He Is Risen!”  Not just once, but throughout the morning, often and always joyfully.  Unless, you had to give up one of these empty tomb eggs, then it was just a hair less joyful since those painted eggs were coveted treasures!  But, really, it was such a joyful Easter tradition, everyone smiling as they exclaimed, “He Is Risen!”

Do you know about the Easter egg?  The hard shell of the egg represents Jesus’ sealed tomb, and cracking the shell symbolizes the empty tomb, He is Risen. Eggs are also a reminder of new life with all those little Easter chicks hatching in all their cuteness and adorable little lambs being born.  So the egg reminds us that new spiritual life is found in Christ alone as He is the way, the truth and the life.  And so we have the Easter egg, a symbol of new life, of Jesus’ sealed and empty tomb.

And just as the disciples exclaimed, “The Lord has risen” (Lk 24: 35), we would greet one another, “He Is Risen” and respond, “He is Risen, indeed!” on Easter morning.  And while it is an Easter Sunday ritual, we shouldn’t reserve that proclamation solely for Easter.  Instead, let’s take a page out of my 5 year old’s book.  After Easter one year, “Jesus is Alive!” became part of his bedtime good night. We tell each other “Jesus is Alive!” and he reaches out with his hand to hold Jesus’ hand. Jesus is alive in Diego’s heart all year ’round.

Easter is a very special day and Easter eggs are a special reminder: The tomb is empty, He is Risen.


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