Priscilla Part 5: Together as One


Priscilla and Aquila didn’t just change locations together, but every time they moved, they opened their home and invited others in to meet Christ and grow in him. Together they hosted church in their home, pastored and taught believers. Together they invited Paul to live and work with them. Together they mentored and taught Apollos, both recognizing in him the potential force he could be for Christ. Together, they even risked their lives for Paul, though we don’t know exactly what happened.  But, no matter what, they worked together, together, together.

They were of the same mind. They were a united team on life’s journey.

Before hubby and I were married, he sat me down, and I could tell by his tone it was going to be a serious conversation. He explained that he had already committed at least 10 years of his future to the Air Force.  If we married, we’d move around often and live far from family.  There would also be times of separations and plenty of them. And then, as if the conversation wasn’t cheery enough, he hit me with: So, if you’re not on board with this lifestyle, if you can’t live the Air Force life, I need to know now and we need to end things.

It was an important and necessary discussion, and I’m so grateful for his honesty.  He knew that if I wasn’t on board with a life full of constant change, separations, distance, loneliness, and other fun things, our marriage would always be pulled in two directions…we wouldn’t be a united team.

Priscilla and Aquila, a united team. You never hear them mentioned separately.  What if only one of them wanted to host church in their home, or take in Paul, or reach out to Apollo…or risk their life for their mentor? How would that have worked? “Sorry dear, I’m in the middle of stitching this tent, I can’t stop to host church right now. And don’t you dare think about risking your life for that dude, I don’t want anything to happen to you, he’ll be ok…and let’s not take in anyone else, I’m kind of tired of the ever revolving door of house guests.”  If that had happened, there would have been missed opportunities not to mention the potential for bitter feelings and resentment to arise between the two.

“Priscilla would have missed her claim to greatness had she refused to leave Rome.  She would have missed going down in history as a great force in the early church.” (Unconventional Women, p127.)  Or imagine if she had allowed her culture’s norms to deter her from using her intelligence and gift of teaching. Priscilla courageously used the gifts God gave her, trusting that these abilities were for God’s kingdom.  And Aquila supported his wife’s ministry and talents, and encouraged her to fulfill her purpose and be used as an instrument for God.

May we not miss out on an opportunity to be used by God just because it’s unexpected, uncomfortable, or different from the norm.  And may we strive to be part of a Christ-centered marriage, heading the same direction–of one mind–supporting and encouraging each other as we seek to serve the Lord at every opportunity.

(Acts 18:1-4 & 18-28, Romans 16: 3-5)

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