Looking Back…sniff sniff

It’s hot already.  Which means it’s time for our little backyard pool!

Watching the boys splashing around made me think about last year and how much they’ve changed since then. Oh what a difference a year makes! Bear with me, I might get teary.


This was last summer.  Look how adorable Isaac is trying to navigate his little boat without it tipping over. There were quite a few capsizing issues last year.


And here they are this year.  Isaac’s balance has improved considerably in a year. I’m not so sure I’m happy about that but then again, he’d be trying to surf whether or not he has good balance so I guess good balance is good.  Wow, that was a ridiculous sentence. But you get my meaning.

And Diego’s so grown up now! I mean, really, no baby left in him whatsoever! Excuse me while I wallow for a moment.

One more time.  My little boys, Diego and Isaac, last year…


And this year…my little men.


Oh be still my heart, look at those handsome faces! They’re growing too fast. Much. Too. Fast.  Speaking of too fast…


Look at my baby, he’s so small! (And I never thought I’d say that, he’s always been a big boy!) But he’s such a baby in this picture.

justus swim

And this one. Look at him! He’s so stinkin’ cute, I can’t deal.  Last year he was toddling around but for the first part of the summer, he wasn’t walking on his own yet but he insisted he not be left behind in anything! Especially any fun.


Here he is this year. My baby! My little Justus! Smack in the middle of things, still insisting on being part of the fun.  Not only can he now walk, he runs, jumps, dances, climbs…and his hair is longer and crazier than ever!


I can’t help myself, he’s so awesome.  Seriously, any kid who’s working that hard to transfer water from the big pool into the little mini pool using a black ladle is completely fabulous.

So, one more time. Justus last year…gulp…

Justus pool

And this year…*sob*


Watch out world, here he comes!  They are growing up so fast!

Pushing the tantrums, bedtime hysteria, and teething misery aside, I’m having a blast with my boys.  Watching balance improve, seeing toddling become running, and listening to logical explanations for not wearing a hat in the sun (“Velociraptors don’t wear hats!”) reminds me how blessed I am that I get this time with them. And despite the sleepless nights, wet beds, and other accidents, I absolutely love being mommy to the amazing boys belonging to these three handsome faces and cherish this time.

image(17) image(16) image(15)

They’re growing up so fast.  *Sniff sniff*  It’s good to look back.  It’s a reminder to enjoy them now.

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