Rhoda Part 4: She Kept Insisting!


Welcome, welcome, welcome! Isn’t Rhoda a hoot? She didn’t even mean to the be first biblical practical joker, but she was!

Peter, after his miraculous escape from prison, went to Mary’s house and knocked on the door. And Rhoda, upon hearing Peter’s voice, left him standing outside while she ran to tell the others at the prayer meeting the good news.

“Peter is at the door!” Rhoda exclaimed as she burst into the room, interrupting the praying to announce Peter’s arrival. And joy and laughter and applause broke out!  Wait, that’s not what happened?  Isn’t that what they were praying for? Yes it was, but their response was disbelief. In fact, they told her, “You’re out of your mind.” (Acts 12:15)

Now, perhaps Rhoda was prone to telling stories. Or exaggerating. Maybe it’s just that the others hadn’t personally heard Peter’s voice.  Whatever it was, I’m going to give my girl, Rhoda, some mad props…ahem, kudos, for being persistent and insistent on what she knew to be true.

In fact, “she kept insisting” (Acts 12:15) She wasn’t put off or discouraged, swayed or talked out of it, or shown the error of her logic.  No, she knew God had performed a miracle, she was a witness to the amazing outcome of God’s handiwork. And she didn’t back down. She kept insisting.

I don’t know about you, but if I were Rhoda, there’s a good chance the rush of excitement I’d felt so greatly when I left Peter at the door would have started dwindling after hearing the saints of the early church telling me how it couldn’t be Peter outside, that it was probably just his angel now.  But the explanations that were thrown her way (coming from believers!) weren’t changing her mind.  Rhoda stood firm and insisted.

When we see God move in our life, when we see Him do amazing things, even little things, get excited–really excited and keep insisting.  Others may try to give alternate explanations, both nonbelievers and believers alike. Sometimes it’s hard to accept a miracle, especially when you haven’t personally witnessed or experienced it. But when it happens, don’t back down, insist on what you know.  Examine it with God’s Word and in prayer to be sure that it lines up with Truth, but get excited!  And remember, it’s not your job to prove to others what you know God has done in your life.  Rhoda “kept insisting” while Peter kept on knocking (yup, that’s right, he’s still just standing outside!)

When they opened the door, they found Peter standing on the doorstep. Rhoda was excited and insisted on what she knew, but then it was up to the others to take the steps to open the door and receive God’s miracle for themselves.  Now, if she had just opened the door in the first place, it could have saved a lot of time, but where’s the fun in that?  She got excited and ran to tell her friends the good news. And soon enough, her friends saw Peter and were excited as well. I wonder if she ever lived down her little knock knock joke?

(Acts 12:1-19)

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