Rhoda Part 5: Little Life Lessons


Grab your cup and let’s drink in some grace! Rhoda’s story contains a kind of infectious joy and excitement I can’t help but love.

Rhoda was ready for an answer to prayer without putting limitations on how, when or what an answer might look like.  It’s humbling to admit, but I think I all too often pray with an attitude of “knowing when the answer might come and how I might see it” instead of expecting the unexpected from a God who can do the impossible.

Psalm 40:1 says, “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.” I look at that verse and say, “Man, I better just sit tight since the Lord only answers prayers if I pray them long enough.” But that’s not what “waiting patiently” means! I think it means praying with an attitude that God knows best and it’s in His timing rather than, now or a long time from now. Because God’s time is way different than ours. So, sometimes we pray and wait. Sometimes we pray and it happens immediately. But both times we need to approach it with a patient heart and realization that it’s God’s timing, not ours.

When Rhoda heard Peter’s voice, she was excited. When the others opened up the door and saw Peter, they were astonished.  I think sometimes I need a flashing neon sign that says, “MIRACLE HAPPENING HERE” with a big ole arrow pointing the way.  And sometimes I feel more astonished at God’s work than excited.  But let’s get excited!  And hold onto the excitement when we know God is working in our lives.

No matter who you are or where you are in life, God intends his handiwork and miracles to be for every and anyone.  Rhoda was a servant girl, but she was the first to know that Peter had been set free from prison.  We are all part of the same body of Christ.  We can all rejoice and get excited.

And don’t forget what was going on before and during this miracle.  Don’t forget where Rhoda was while it happened.  She was at the prayer meeting.  A group meeting with the purpose of a specific goal – speaking to their Savior on behalf of a life.  As moms, as wives, as women, we need to do this for our friends, our co-workers, our church, but most importantly for our children, our husbands, and our family.  Prayer is so important.  If a result of praying together helped free Peter miraculously from prison, imagine what praying together for the lives of our children could do…

And that’s Rhoda!

(Acts 12:1-19)

2 thoughts on “Rhoda Part 5: Little Life Lessons

  1. I love the cartoon! Yesterday I wrote a post about Rhoda on my blog http://biscuitswithjam.com, and this morning I decided to search to see who else has written about her. This is good! — I like your insight. I’m teaching a Bible Study about women in the Bible for the next few weeks (and blogging about what I’m learning while teaching) and Rhoda came up in the first class.

    • I’m so glad you liked the cartoon, it was fun to imagine and draw! I’ve always loved Rhoda. And how exciting that you’re starting a Bible study about women in the Bible. This blog is all about that based on a Bible study I taught. I’m so excited for you, I learned so much and enjoyed it immensely, I’m sure you will too! I’m excited to check out your blog and see what you’re learning. Who else are you planning on doing? Thanks for commenting!

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