Jezebel Part 5: What Do We Choose?

What do you think of Jezebel? Nasty piece of work, huh?

What can we take away from Jezebel? I’m assuming that you aren’t murderous, power craving, evil queens, but whether or not you are, think about the power of influence. What is influencing your life? And how, in turn, are you influencing others?

Jezebel grew up in a family that was devoid of God’s values, served various other Gods including Baal. And once she married Ahab, the king of Israel, the influences of her upbringing continued to rule her life. Yes, it’s hard to break free of such things that have been ingrained into your life in such a way, but it’s not impossible. When Rahab met the Israelites, she chose to trust in God, risking her life to hide the spies, and then leave the ways of her past and culture for a new start and a new life. At any time, Jezebel could have chosen the same. We may not have a choice in how we are raised, but we do have a choice in how we move forward and which the influences we allow in our lives.

Right now, you get to choose to put your faith in God, to get to know Him by reading the Bible and praying.  You get to choose what comes out of your mouth, how you speak to your husband and children, whether or not you speak life or death.  It’s up to you what you allow to influence your own life; what you listen to, watch, read, and with whom you spend time.  We wouldn’t allow bad influence in our kid’s life so why would we allow it in our own?  And as the most constant example in our children’s lives, it’s up to us to teach our children how to distinguish between good and bad influences, most often by example.  Jezebel chose poorly, how will we choose?

(1 Kings 16, 18, 21 & 2 Kings 9)

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