The Parenting Handbook


“By nature we love our children dearly, but we need Scripture to love our children wisely.”– Alistair Begg

I heard this quote recently and can’t get it out of my head.  It just struck a chord in my heart.  It’s not enough to just love our children, we need to love wisely.

So, how do we love our children wisely?  Loving wisely means using the parenting handbook God gave us to help us figure out these daily challenges.

Wait, you didn’t know there was a handbook?  Yes! There is!  I bet you’ve even read it.  Ready for the secret?  It’s…the Bible!

I mean, let’s get real. Our kids may scream with outrage and argue with us, they’re stubborn and talk back, they fight with their siblings, confuse and confound us, and they seem to cry constantly.  Maybe it’s time to take full advantage of the nifty book of parenting wisdom and helpful advice called, The Bible!  It’s methods have been tested and found to be the most successful on the market!

I’m rereading (and rereading and rereading) Proverbs and it feels like a brand new book of the Bible!  But it’s definitely not the only spot in the Bible that helps guide a parent in how to handle tricky situations and attitudes.  This week, instead of looking at a woman of the Bible, I’d like to share a few helpful nuggets God has shown me over the past few months through reading his Word, the parenting book, to love wisely.  I certainly have not perfected anything, but I can say that when I follow the instructions, it works! Maybe it’ll encourage you, too.

 What do you think it means to you to love your children wisely?

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