Busy Times Ahead

It’s going to be a busy summer.  This week has been quite full already and it’s just the beginning.  I’ve tackled two major projects on top of the usual craziness of everyday life.  But that’s how I roll, full steam ahead!  So, what did we do this week?

We colored.  Isaac worked hard on his picture.  He’s quite the artist.  I love how he sticks his tongue out in concentration.  And I love that he loves to color!


Coloring was one of my favorite things as a kid and it still is!  I’ve been working on a coloring project of sorts, a dresser makeover.  Here’s a peek of the before version and I’ll post the finished project when, you know, it’s finished!


I found this dresser super cheap locally quite a while ago and knew it would be perfect…eventually. It’s definitely useful but not particularly pretty.  I finally started its makeover, which just needs the finishing touches!  And because one furniture redo wasn’t enough, I thought I’d go for two!  But that’s a story for another time.

Along with art projects, we went to swim lessons.  Diego and Isaac have their lessons at the same time, but with different teachers.  Usually their classes don’t intersect, but today, the boys got to do end of class jumps together. They loved jumping together and I loved watching it!  Here’s a frame by frame replay of one of their jumps.






Aren’t they awesome?! I loved seeing them jump together. I hope they approach life together that way — jumping into adventures side by side, the best of friends.  And I’m sure Justus will join them in the jumping just as soon as he masters…


…the bathroom!  Yup, he’s sitting on the toilet and not for the first time either.  To say we’re potty training would be getting very ahead of ourselves.  But I do think Justus likes the idea since he’s the one that initiates it.  As for me, I LOVE the idea that he’ll train early.  I’m not going to push it, but I won’t underestimate him either.

It’s always a challenge balancing the day to day coloring and swim lessons with anything extra like furniture makeover projects and  potty training.  Some seasons of life are busier than others and I’m entering into a very busy season.  But, I’ll take each week as it comes.  I’ll try to focus on one (maybe two) projects at a time, jump into this next season of life with my hubby at my side, all the while trying not get ahead of myself.

And coffee…lots of coffee.


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