Preschool Graduation

I wasn’t aware that preschool graduation was such a big deal…or that it was a thing at all.  I merely thought there was a last day of preschool and then they came home for lunch.  But no, there’s an actual ceremony.  And ours was at 7pm in the evening…bedtime. Frankly, I was annoyed.  This evening ceremony was throwing a wrench in our bedtime routine, something I hold sacred because often it contributes to the moods and attitudes of the next day, am I right, moms? So, I’ll admit it, I had a pretty bad attitude about going to the graduation. And the idea of a preschool graduation strikes me as ridiculous.  What exactly is the grand accomplishment?  They “survived” one year of play time with a few letters and numbers thrown in, and we’re throwing them a graduation?

But, I put on my excited and happy face for Diego and off we went to graduation. (I left the other two home with a sitter so they could go to bed as usual.) I dropped Diego off with his teachers and went and found a seat. We’d been warned it might be standing room only, but thankfully, this was not the case. The music started (yes, it was the standard “Pomp and Circumstance”) and in they marched.   Necks craned this way and that trying to see their pint-sized graduate as cameras clicked away taking pictures.  And yes, I joined in the craning and the clicking.  I may think this whole thing is silly, but he’s my baby, after all!


First, I’d like to point out his muscle shirt, showing off his “rocks.”  I suggested a slightly nicer shirt, at least one with sleeves, but he seemed rather offended that his favorite shirt wouldn’t be good enough for preschool graduation.  And given my feelings toward the whole thing, we went with the muscle shirt.  Secondly, look how serious he is, he’s all business. Until…


…he sees me. As soon as Diego sees me, he puts on his “cheese” face, tilts his head like a model for the camera, stops marching and starts gliding…yes, I said gliding…down the aisle.  When he got past me, back to serious marching. They made this “Pomp and Circumstance” march around the aisle twice (with a much appreciated musical interlude from Star Wars — genius!) and both times he saw me, he became a little GQ model. Cheese and glide. I couldn’t. stop. laughing. Suddenly, this graduation thing was looking up.


After some minor adjustments to his cap, they began to sing.  And I’m so proud to say that he sang every song (though I noticed some fudging of the words here and there) and did all of the motions.


Did you know that not only do the wheels on the bus go round and round, but there are numerous other things that happen?  It’s a rather long and involved song, verse after verse after verse (some of which I think they made up just to prolong the song.)  And then there were a few songs I can’t remember, ending with the crowd pleaser of “Baby Bumblebee.” After the performance, in orderly preschool fashion, they handed out diplomas.

grad 1

Here’s Diego with his teacher, Miss Jillian, getting his diploma.  I just can’t take how stinkin’ cute he is!

grad 3

And here he is with his proud mommy!  Yes, we survived the preschool year and have a piece of paper to show for it, too!

grad 4

These two boys are inseparable!  Diego and William.  I love this photo. These two boys make me smile.  They’ve been friends since we moved onto our street almost 3 years ago — more than half their little lives!

My sweet boy is heading off to kindergarten and new adventures. And I survived my first graduation as a parent.  I did enjoy myself because my baby made it a special and humorous night.  And I’m so very proud of him.  But I still think preschool graduation is ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Preschool Graduation

    • While it was cute and I will always support my boys, it does remind me of a quote from The Incredibles:

      Bob: It’s not a graduation. He’s moving from the 4th grade to the 5th grade.
      Helen: It’s a ceremony.
      Bob: It’s psychotic! They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity.

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