Movin’ Right Along…


I guess it’s time to tell you why I’ve been a little stressed.  Being a military family, we’re used to moving, and it’s that time again.  We’ll be moving in the fall, but I’m already gearing up for it by working on big projects (I despise having to take unfinished projects to the next place!) and also, even bigger than that, getting our house ready to sell.  I love my house. I LOVE my house.  It’s the first house we’ve owned and I’m going to miss it.  It’s also the first house we’ve needed to sell, and as any of you who have sold a house know, it’s stressful.  Right now, I’m in the purging and cleaning and organizing phase prior to listing it, but I want my house to look its best to potential buyers.

Have I mentioned I also have 3 boys? Pray for me. Hehehe.

I apologize if my posts are more sporadic and even slightly distracted.  That’s just where my head is during this crazy time.  I’m a wee bit overwhelmed, though I do feel peace in my heart.  It’s fun to move to a whole new place, a whole new adventure, but it’s also a lot of work.  And it’s sad thinking about leaving friends and an area of the country we’ve grown to love and enjoy.  So, we just won’t think about it.  Instead, we’ll think about my art supply hutch that needs a good purging.  And the awesome squadron posters that need to be framed so they’re ready to go up on the wall in the next place.  I’ll dream about a new house we’ll call home and the fun adventures we’ll have exploring a new area.

And, I’ll lean on the everlasting arms.

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