Bedtime Baloney


Last night, I let the boys stay up for 30 extra minutes because we have family visiting. I was trying to be nice, giving them extra time with family we don’t see too often.


The usually smooth bedtime for Diego and Isaac was a hot mess of tears, whining, attitudes, and acrobatics.

“I don’t have to go to the bathroom.  I’m not going to.”

“I don’t want that one.  I want what he has.”

The interruptions started before we finished “Dear Jesus” during our prayer time.

“I don’t want this here.”

“Mommy, I need your help.”

I have to say, I was starting to lose my cool.  My afternoon hadn’t gone as planned and I was not in the mood for nonsense.  One of the reasons my brother and his wife are visiting is because my husband and I had hoped to get away for one night this weekend.  It would be the first time we’d both be away from the boys for a night. It was a big deal, and I was really looking forward to a time with just my hubby…and I was really looking forward to sleeping in past 7am and lazily rolling out of bed.

This afternoon, I got a call that changed my plans.  Something came up at work and my husband told me to pack his bag, he was coming home to change, pick it up and leave.  When he got home, he said things changed and he’d actually be leaving the next day.  Our night away turned into dinner and a movie, assuming all goes well and he comes back on time.

While disappointed, I was pretty ok about the whole thing.  I feel incredibly blessed with all the great experiences we’ve had recently.  Plus he did the dishes and clean up so I could sit down and put my feet up.  Have I mentioned I love this guy?

So I sat down to write a “Get Real” post.  I hit “save” and lost everything I’d written.  Are you kidding me?!   To say I was annoyed is putting it mildly.  But I couldn’t do anything about it, not to mention, it was time for the boys to go to bed.  So now you know my mindset heading into this bedtime nightmare.

After making it through the crying and the meltdowns about this and that, I finally finished up their bedtime routine, kissed each, and left.  Then I made the mistake of going to the bathroom.  That’s when the wailing started, “Maaaaaaama. Maaaaama.”

Seriously?  I’m just looking for two minutes peace!  When I get to the bedroom, I see Isaac hanging precariously and purposefully out of his bottom bunk bed.  I mean, his entire upper body is hanging off the mattress while his lower body is laying on the bed perpendicular.  If only I had the ab strength to do such a stunt.

“I fell.”

WHAT?! You don’t just suddenly halfway fall out of your bed into that position!  

Annoyed, and not hiding it well, I put him back in the bed and go to the living room and sit down.

“Mama? Mama?”  Lord, please help me, I’m about to lose it.  “Look,” he says and points to his blanket which was no longer tucked in how he likes it.

Blanket fixed, I kiss each of them and start to leave when Diego complains, “Isaac keeps scaring me and…” but before he finishes, I cut him off. I’d had enough of their bedtime shenanigans.

I sweetly warned them that if either of them makes another peep again, they’d go to go to bed before Justus tomorrow.  I left their room and reheated my tea before I heard Isaac start whining for me again.  My wonderful hubby took one look at me (the smoke coming from my ears and the horns growing out of my head) and told me he’d take care of it.

Sometimes bedtime just STINKS.


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