Ruth Part 6:


Got your cup ready?  A cup for some grace and one for some coffee?  (I love coffee…have I mentioned that?)  So how does the story end? Happily. Boaz falls in love with Ruth, Ruth falls in love with Boaz and proposes to him by taking a nap by his feet…you know, a typical romance…it’s a long story. And at some point we’ll get there. But for now, we’ll just be happy that they do indeed get hitched.

And want to know something cool? Check out the genealogy in Matthew 1 and it’ll reveal that Rahab (check out her story here!) was Boaz’s mom, which means that she was Ruth’s mother-in-law. Who cares, you ask? Well, I just think it’s neat that in God’s wisdom, He gave Ruth not only Naomi to love and guide her in her newly adopted land, but also a mother-in-law who also once been a foreigner going through the same thing, having adopted Israel and trusted God as her own personal God.  Whether Rahab was around to meet Ruth is a mystery, but her unique perspective and experience definitely influenced Boaz’s integrity, honor, and perspective.

“Ruth, like Rahab reached out to God in hope and faith and were identified with Jesus in his ancestral line, even though they came from Gentile heathen nations.” (Chosen Women of the Bible, p.41)

Come on, that’s so cool!

When we reach out to God in hope and faith, He will always be there for us, arms open wide to welcome us in love.

Ruth’s story is one of love, devotion, hard work, romance, sorrow, second chances, determination, family, respect, and even ordinary choices. But it’s first and foremost a story of a woman’s faith in God. A woman not unlike any of us today. “Woman’s faith is the vehicle to bring her to God, when she trusts in His goodness rather than her own worthiness” (Chosen Women of the Bible, p42.)

Are you ready to hop in that vehicle and drive closer to God? Are you ready to trust in His goodness?  If you need help getting the car started, I’d be happy to chat with you! Send me an email or comment below.

And while you’re driving towards God, stop for a coffee and be happily caffeinated on your way.


2 thoughts on “Ruth Part 6:

  1. I looked at that genealogy also. The line from Rahab to Boaz might have been ‘telescoped’ …. which I guess is common with genealogies. There were several centuries between the entry into Canaan (Rahab’s story) and David. So chances are she was a great-great… grandmother to Boaz.

    One thing that I focused on when I looked at Matthew 1 (and Ruth). Notice the honor given to Tamar, mother of Perez. One of the lessons Jesus conveyed was that your life doesn’t have to be all super perfect to be blessed.

    • Good point, thanks. But the neat thing is Rahab’s legacy. Her influence in the generations to come. Boaz was a man of God during a time when they were few and far between. There is definitely an amazing legacy and perspective going on in that family, the family into which Jesus was born. Godly legacy is such a blessing, teaching to love others, even if they are different than you are. And that’s what Jesus was all about — loving all, including the outcasts, orphans, diseased, forgotten, the unholy etc. I definitely think God’s love in one’s life passes on a different perspective to their children, and their children’s children etc than the world gives.

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