Simple Summer Fun

I’ve discovered that the best summer toys are the simplest ones. These tubs, for example, are awesome.


I can’t even begin to tell you all of the different ways the boys have used them.  Last year, it was a baby pool, Justus to splash around in, a private pool for him where he could stay safe (away from the big boys’ crazy pool splashing) but still have some water fun.


This year, those tubs have been boats in the bigger pool (as seen above,) surf boards,


turtle shells,


a water ride,


a lounger,


and generally a place to have one’s own space away from whatever is going on.  Brilliant.  I absolutely got my money’s worth out of these beauties. And the boys never seem to grow tired of them!

Another spectacular summer toy are these thrift store finds (or you can get them at the dollar store, too.) Three words for you: plastic condiments squirters! Not only do they work perfectly as water guns, but they are excellent tools for water art!

IMG_2497 IMG_2498

Or just take them apart to see how they work, examine them, and fill them up with water before dumping it.


I love seeing how simple objects transform into so any different things! Isn’t a child’s imagination the greatest? Watching them dream and explore the world around them…absolutely one of my favorite things about being a mom.

And don’t get me started on the fun that can be had with pillows…


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