Future Yankee All-Star

This year, Diego told decided to play t-ball. Completely his decision, though I was thrilled he’s taken an interest in my favorite sport. And, as he’s only 5, I figured the games would be once a week with maybe a little practice. Ha! We live in a time where it’s all or nothing!  I was surprised to find out that we’d have 2 games a week plus a practice, all after 5pm.

Uh..what? That seems…intense. I mean, for older kids, sure, but can we not ease us parents…I mean, the younger kids…into baseball life?  When do we have dinner?  Not to mention the bedtime routine would get all screwed up. And the 100 degree days. Yes, I admit, I quite often did not have the best attitude. We’re not talking about how it’s taking up a little bit of our Saturday morning, we’re talking three stinkin’ nights a week! And so close to bedtime, which of course is the easiest time of day when all the kids are super cooperative.  Not.  There were many days I saw a mom or dad carrying an exhausted ball player from the car to the field, after falling asleep in the car ride over.  Time to grow up kids, you’re ball players!

And yet, after all that, I’m a little sad that t-ball has ended (relieved, but sad.)  Why?  Because watching Diego play and watching him enjoy playing as much as he did made it all worthwhile.  Listening to him describe his at bats or the plays he made with excited enthusiasm was absolute joy to this baseball loving mama.  The days he had baseball became his favorite days.  And I love dreaming about him playing for the Yankees…I mean, hearing him pretend to play for the Yankees.

I dare you not to fall in love with this little ball player!



Apparently he’s paid attention to the MLB games we’ve watched, because other parents/grandparents commented on his batting style with his high leg kick.  Every ball player should have a signature style! Get ready, here’s the high kick, very deliberate with each swing.



Everyone in t-ball bats twice and fields twice, 2 full innings. 2 long innings. And often times, 2 hilarious innings of watching kids play in the dirt, talk to each other, surround and chase after the ball, build sand castles, sit, slide (5 feet from home plate), and run to the wrong base.  But not Diego, he knew where and when to run.  I absolutely love watching Diego run the bases.

IMG_3170 IMG_3172

Phew, safe! It’s also hilarious watching the kids run, or not run, leaving 2 of them occupying the exact same base at the same time. And then there’s Diego.  Focused and serious — he had his game face on, no doubt about it. IMG_3176

I mean, just check out how he’s staying alert and waiting for the batter to bring him home. IN-TENSE!  And he brought that same intensity to fielding.  He stayed in his position, worked hard, tried his best, and had a blast!

IMG_3178 IMG_3180This kid’s batting average is through the roof!  You can see the pride in his face.


T-ball, while a huge pain in the neck with all of its evening games and practices, was also a lot of fun. Watching Diego make a good scoop (which, for a kid his age’s coordination is quite the feat) was spectacular! And watching him do a slow motion REPLAY of his incredible scoop for us (during the game before throwing the ball where he was supposed to) was absolutely hilarious. I love that he really truly invested and worked in each game.  I love that he’s learning to love a game that I love.  I love that he’s already talking about next season (as is Isaac who will be FOUR and old enough to play!)

So, despite my sometimes terrible attitude about how annoying it was (and come on, sports parents, I think we all can relate to that), I can’t wait for next season.  But though I’m thankful it’s 9 months away!

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