How About A Story? Root Canal Saga, Part 2

 This morning, I’d like to tell you a story, in the style of Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse A Cookie.  It just seems fitting. (We love her series, by the way.)

If mommy is having trouble sleeping, it could be because of a toothache.

And if mommy’s got a toothache, she’ll go to the dentist.

And when she goes to the dentist, he’ll tell her she needs a root canal.

So she’ll go to another dentist, and he’ll start to do the root canal and discover her canal system is screwy.

When he tells mommy her teeth are screwy and she needs to come back, she’ll burst into tears sobbing like a crazy lady.

After she stops being a crazy lady, she’ll agree to sedation for the 2nd part of her root canal.

She’ll take the sedation pills for her next appointment, and start to feel relaxed.

And when she starts to feel relaxed, she’ll fall into a deep sleep.

During the deep sleep, life is grand and doesn’t even realize the root canal is happening.

Once the root canal is over, she’ll head back home and go back to sleep…for the entire day.

And chances are, if she sleeps all day, she’ll have some trouble sleeping that night (so she’ll write this little story.)

Thanks to all who prayed for this second half of the root canal to go well! Our God is so good! And a big shout out to my dentist and his staff for the sedation suggestion — brilliant!

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