Porkchop and Acorn

“So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book – when shouldn’t it be the other way around?” — Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail

So much of what inspires me in life come from what I read in books. And our Wednesday at the pumpkin patch is a perfect example of just that.

In gearing up for our trip to the pumpkin patch, we started reading books about pumpkins and fall. Because that’s what we do. We read books, learn and get ideas. The book that most stuck with us was Sophie’s Squash by Pat Zietlow Miller. Cutest book ever.


Seriously, I love Sophie and her squash. So much so, that I might or might not have planted the seed (squash seed to be exact) in the boys’ heads that when we go to the pumpkin patch, it might be fun to find our own squash/pumpkin to name and draw a face on and love.

When it came time to choose, they were quite determined to find just the right gourd to love. Diego found his right away. A small, green pumpkin. Green is his favorite color.  When he excitedly called me to look at his choice, I knew right away it was a match made in pumpkin heaven.  Isaac had to search a little harder. I wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but then, he squatted and discovered his dream gourd. And ya know what? It looked like a miniature version of Sophie’s squash. And then there was Justus’ choices, bits and pieces of gross, broken gourds and pumpkins he found squashed in the dirt. So, I chose for him because seriously, I’m not bringing gross things home.

Dawn Kincade Photography

Dawn Kincade Photography

Could they be any cuter? Or more proud of their choices? I think not. I love them. My heart melts.

Next they named their gourds such original, fitting names that fit their personalities. Diego named his green pumpkin Acorn Rosado (do not forget the last name, I made that mistake and was quickly corrected!) And Isaac chose the absolutely perfect name of Porkchop.

So, we came home with our precious adopted family members, plus a few others and the boys were ready to get to work…after they showered because even I have my limit as to how blackened and browned knees should be.)

First up was painting with pumpkins. What would it look like if we rolled our mini pumpkins in paint and then rolled them onto our paper?


And when the joy from that experiment started to wain, I sliced the pumpkins in half and we used them as stamps.



By this time, they were really messy so we just jumped right into handprints!

Next up, was drawing faces on our beloved new friends. And this, my friends, was the absolute highlight for them. The moment they’d been waiting for. Giving face and personality to Acorn Rosado and Porkchop.  They chose their colors carefully, stuck their tongues out, and set to work. They also drew faces on other mini pumpkin friends, Diego named his Chalk-colors (Chalk for short) and Isaac’s other friend was Gold-Pumpkin.


That night, Isaac snuggled Porkchop and Gold-Pumpkin as we read Sophie’s Squash before bed.  Then, they sweetly laid their gourds on a pillow and tucked a towel blanket around them for the night.


Good night, Porkchop.

Good night, Acorn Rosado.

Good night, Gold-Pumpkin.

Good night, Chalk.

Good night, John-Boy…wait a minute…

Good night, Diego.

Good night, Isaac.

And may tomorrow’s book inspire the same amount of excitement as Sophie’s Squash did this week.


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