I had lunch with a friend yesterday. We met not too long ago, and yet she’s become a valuable encourager and friend to me though we don’t see each other often and haven’t known each other long. But this friend, she’s super special. We aren’t the same age or at the same place in life, but I’d say we’re birds of a feather.

I feel incredibly blessed to have met and gotten to know her. As usual, during our lunch she encouraged me by reminding me that for everything there is a season, and right now, my season is full of busy busy busy.  I wish there was more time for me to write about women of the Bible, and I will…one day.  When I told her that wish, she reminded me that there was plenty on my plate right now, to not feel guilty, and that after this season of busyness and moving, there will come a time when things will settle down and allow me to get back to writing.

Why do I tell you this? Because it’s so important to be a friend, to encourage, to lift each other up, and pray for each other. Women have a tendency to feel guilt easily along with feeling the need to do it all, all the time.  And when we can’t, in creeps guilt.  So, remind one another that God gives us different seasons to teach us different things and that it’s ok.

My friend reminded me that it’s ok to let go of things during the busy seasons, they’ll be there later. I needed that reminder yesterday.  My life has going at a breakneck pace and I can’t catch my breath, and sometimes a gentle reminder of “it’s ok” is just what is needed.

So to my sweet friend, I thank you for the reminder. I so value our friendship and pray that one day, we get to have another of our Red Robin lunches.

Maybe you know someone in the midst of a busy season, trying to do it all…trust me, it’s a relief to hear, “it’s ok.” Please, encourage them…TODAY!

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