Brianna Gamble Photography (50)

Hi, I’m Lydia, and I’m addicted to coffee and dependent on God’s grace. I’m an Air Force wife to a hunky pilot and a mom to three adorable and energetic young boys (my addiction and dependence is making more sense, now, isn’t it?) I’ve come to love chaos as my norm, embrace change as a constant, and rely on my Savior for peace and grace through it all.

I grew up the youngest of 6 siblings to pastors in New England and loved every minute of my PK (Pastor’s kid) upbringing. I left the nest to go off to Bowdoin College in Maine then onto an unexpected adventure to Mississippi where I met my hunky pilot hubby, Adam. We’ve lived in Georgia, Oklahoma, and California, loving each place for their uniqueness and the wonderful friends we’ve made along the way. Having to say frequent goodbyes to family and friends with each move, I know that my Jesus is with me through all the changes. I’ve learned that it’s a much better plan to lean on Him, especially in raising my 5 year old, Diego, 3 year old, Isaac, and 1 year old, Justus. They each possess such unique personalities yet seem to share the common goal of keeping me on my toes. They are full of surprises, challenges, joys, adventures, and possibilities–I wouldn’t change a thing!

I decided to study the women of the Bible, many of whom I learned about in Sunday School as a child, because I wanted to get to know these women as a woman, a wife, and a mother. I’ve made surprising discoveries along that way that have sort of rocked my world with encouragement, love, and comfort. These women were normal, average, ordinary (how redundant can I be to get my point across?) women just like me — but when they put their faith and trust in God, He used them for His extraordinary purposes no matter their station, situation, age, or role. These women are special examples of God’s love and that should encourage every woman today! Take heart, you’re not alone, you’re not forgotten, you’re not the only one feeling like you do! God has a plan for you even now, just like He did for those women all those years ago! And just like with those women, God longs to draw you close to Him and do amazing things for you and through you!  I pray that these women bless, encourage, and challenge you to take hold of God’s love and grace on your journey. So, grab a cup of your favorite caffeinated (or un-caffeinated) drink and join me!

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