There are many brilliant women (and men) who have studied Bible women before me and I am so blessed by their spiritual insight and wisdom.  The following is a current list of the books and resources I use to help gain understanding into the depth of God’s love for us.

Christensen, Winnie. Women Who Believed God. Harold Shaw Publishers, 1983.

Christenson, Winnie. Women Who Achieved For God. Harold Shaw Publishers, 1984.

Curtis Higgs, Liz. Bad Girls of the Bible. Waterbrook Press, 2007.

Curtis Higgs, Liz. Really Bad Girls of the Bible.  Waterbrook Press, 2000.

Hess, Margaret. Unconventional Women. SP Publications, Inc, 1981.

Phillips, Rachael, Sanna, Ellyn, and Smith, Carol. Women of the Bible. Barbour Publishing Inc, 2011

Snodderly, Beth. Who’s Who Among Bible Women Teacher’s Guide. Gospel Publishing House, 1982.

The Women’s Study Bible. Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2006.

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